ECOBAT – your partner in take-back and recycling of batteries and accumulators

Since 2002 we have been a reliable provider of comprehensive services in collection and recycling of portable batteries. We provide free-of-charge collection containers for used batteries to towns and municipalities, schools, businesses, authorities and average consumers and we take care of free-of-charge transportation of collected batteries for recycling. We also help organisations comply with their legal obligations. We very actively raise awareness about and promote sorting of used batteries.

We have obtained a licence for our activity from the Ministry of the Environment. We are a not-for-profit organisation and our activity is funded almost exclusively by producers and importers of batteries.


ECOBAT in figures

  • We have provided services in battery collection and recycling for more than 18 years.
  • 6 major battery importers participated in establishment of ECOBAT..
  • Since 2009 we have been authorised to operate a collective take-back system for batteries and accumulators in the Czech Republic.
  • Currently, 1,115 producers are involved in our system.
  • We take care of 25,000 collection points all over the Czech Republic where used batteries can be returned for recycling.
  • In 2020, we returned record-breaking 1,776 tonnes of used batteries for recycling, i.e. 45% of all batteries marketed in the Czech Republic.
  • For 13 years, we have actively supported the programme (Recyklohraní) „Recycle with Fun to Clean Up the World that teaches children from kindergartens, primary and secondary schools to sort waste.
  • Our organisation is a member of the European association EUCOBAT, which represents 20 major battery collective take-back systems from 17 European countries.


We appreciate your cooperation

We have a long track record of cooperation with collective systems in the Czech Republic and Europe. However, our important partners also include schools, regional, city and municipal authorities, active representatives of the business sector, retail networks and individuals. Thanks to all of them, we have managed to achieve ambitious collection objectives.


In the Czech Republic


In Europe

  • EUCOBAT – European association of national collection schemes for batteries
  • EPBA – European Portable Battery Association