Batteries in municipal waste

Every year, municipalities substantially contribute to the total amount of batteries returned for recycling in the Czech Republic. Pursuant to the Act Waste, municipalities are obliged to provide citizens with collection points for returning batteries that are classified as hazardous municipal waste. However, many municipalities fulfil more than the minimum obligations and actively involve citizens in the collection through promotion of battery sorting and awareness-raising events.


We have a solution for you

We know that both full-time and part-time councillors of municipalities as well as responsible staff have lots of issues to tackle every day. Waste management is just one of many issues on the agenda of each municipality. Since 2002, the ECOBAT collective scheme has been a reliable provider of comprehensive services in battery collection and recycling for towns and villages. Save your precious time and start cooperating with us. We will gladly provide all the necessary information so that you know how to tackle the issue.


We can provide comprehensive services to you

Cooperation with ECOBAT is the easiest way for municipalities to comply with the obligations that are imposed on them by legislation concerning collection and storage of used batteries.

  • Upon signing of a contract or registration, you will receive the Involvement Certificate to be able to prove that you have met your legal obligations.
  • We will provide free-of-charge collection containers for used batteries based on your needs, for example to collection yards, mobile collectors, municipal authority, etc.
  • Newly established public collection points will be included in the search engine on
  • We will take care of free-of-charge transportation of collected batteries for recycling.
  • If you want to make your efforts visible, we can issue an environmental contribution certificate upon your request.
  • We will guide you through your legal obligations.
  • We will help you raise awareness and involve citizens in collection efforts.


Please contact us

Simply contact us by phone or in writing and we will gladly reply. We will provide all the necessary information on sorting, collecting, storing, transporting and recycling of batteries based on your individual needs. Ms. Michaela Helclová is available to you every business day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Collection Network Quality Manager
Ing. Michaela Helclová
Tel.: +420 734 567 987

Please have your information at hand

For an easy communication about your queries and needs, we recommend that you have the following information at hand:

  • Basic information about your municipality, including total population;
  • Basic information about the operator of your collection yard or mobile collector;
  • A list of venues suitable for placement of collection boxes;
  • Contact data.