Producer definition

Pursuant to Czech and EU legislation, a producer or importer is any legal entity or individual authorised to do business, importing and marketing batteries or accumulators in the Czech Republic. The definition does not take into account the amount or weight of batteries, and does not distinguish whether batteries or accumulators are sold separately or as part of electrical appliances or transportation vehicles.


Overview of obligations of producers

Any producer or importer marketing batteries or accumulators in the Czech Republic is primarily obliged to:

  • Properly label batteries;
  • Comply with the prohibition of launching portable batteries containing mercury (Hg) or cadmium (Cd) on the market or into circulation;
  • Be registered on the List of Producers of the Ministry of the Environment;
  • Duly inform battery end users and its business partners;
  • Provide for the take-back (depending on the type of batteries – portable, industrial or automotive batteries).


However, the list of obligations of producers is much longer. We will be glad to help our clients or anyone earnestly interested in cooperation gain thorough knowledge of this field.


We can provide comprehensive services to you

Cooperating with ECOBAT is the easiest way for producers and importers of batteries and accumulators to ensure compliance with their legal obligations. We have been on the market for 18 years and thanks to our experience we can safely guide you through all process-related, organisational and legislative issues. This service is provided for all categories of batteries and accumulators. With us, you have the guarantee of low user fees, free-of-charge service and time-efficient cooperation. The benefits of cooperation with ECOBAT are endorsed by more than 1,115 producers who have already showed their confidence in us.


We can help with every types of batteries and accummulators. Portable, industrial and automotive batteries

Our organisation is authorised to operate a collective take-back scheme for batteries and accumulators. Upon conclusion of a joint performance contract, we will facilitate your inscription on the List of Producers of the Ministry of the Environment and we will take care of all obligations associated with take-back of batteries. Should you be interested, we can provide expert knowledge regarding battery labelling and prohibition of batteries containing heavy metals.


Is this the solution you have been looking for?

If you wish to comply with your legal obligations through the ECOBAT collective scheme, simply register using the contact form. You can also contact us by phone or in writing and we will gladly reply. We will provide a fully individual consultation.

Client Department Manager
Ing. Kateřina Vránková
Tel.: +420 605 074 261


Please have your information at hand

For an easy communication about your queries and needs, we recommend that you have the following information at hand:

  • Categories, types and brands of batteries that you currently market or plan launching on the market;
  • Expected annual amount or weight of batteries marketed;
  • Types of electrical appliances or transportation vehicles including batteries (if the batteries are integrated in or appended to electrical appliances).


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