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Sorting batteries helps protect the environment
and gives the batteries a chance for a new life.

When you throw a used battery in a municipal waste bin, it will be taken to a waste dump or an incinerator. In both cases, the battery will release harmful substances including heavy metals that pollute the air, soil as well as underground and surface water. However, if you walk just a few steps farther to the closest collection point, you protect the environment instead of polluting it, because through battery recycling we obtain secondary raw materials, especially metals, that can be turned into new products. Recycling is not just a nice term; it designates the process which helps us recover 65kg of metallic raw materials from 100kg of batteries and reuse this material for community benefit.

Collection points where batteries can be handed in
are situated on every corner.

The recycling journey begins by the used batteries being returned to collection points; there are already more than 20,000 collection points in the Czech Republic. People are probably most aware of red outdoor containers used for sorting small appliances and batteries. Returning batteries in stores is also becoming more and more popular. In fact, stores are legally obliged to provide collection boxes at their premises. That means that when you go shopping in a supermarket, you can also bring your batteries with you. Collection points have also been established in many businesses by employers. You can also find them at municipal and other authorities. Waste yards in towns and villages have also successfully operated for many years. And if you are still unsure where to find the closest collection point, please use the search engine on mapa.ecobat.cz.

ECOCHEESE is available for households.
You can order it for free.

In any household, you would find dozens of batteries. In families with children you would normally find more than a hundred batteries. The right thing to do is to return used batteries for recycling. However, not everyone likes to go to the collection point with each used battery. The ECOCHEESE sorting box with attractive design is great for stocking used batteries at home. You can order it for free on www.ecocheese.cz. But be careful – keep the batteries and the collection box out of the reach of small children (here you will find information on prevention).