Households are full of batteries

In any household, you would find dozens of batteries and often their number exceeds one hundred. We will easily find them in all rooms and all kinds of appliances: in remote controls, kitchen and personal scales, wall clocks and wrist watches, hearing aids and baby monitors, pressure gauges, toys, telephones, or notebooks. And we could continue.

Today, we can use alkaline batteries that are of better quality and last longer. Or, which is even better, more economic and environmentally friendly rechargeable batteries. Despite all that, consumption of batteries has gone up year by year. Consistent recycling of batteries has gained importance. When the life of your battery comes to an end, do the right thing. Bring it to a collection point.


Where to discard your batteries?

You may be surprised, but these days collection points where used batteries can be brought to are located at almost every corner. There are over 27,000 collection points in the Czech Republic today. People are probably most aware of red outdoor containers used for sorting small appliances and batteries. Returning batteries in stores is also becoming more and more popular. In fact, stores are legally obliged to provide collection boxes at their premises.

That means that when you go shopping in a supermarket, you can also bring your batteries with you. Collection points have also been established in many businesses by employers. Collection boxes can also be found in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools participating in the Recycle with Fun to Clean Up the World project. You can also find them at municipal and other authorities. Waste yards in towns and villages have also successfully operated for many years.

If you are unsure where to find a collection point, we recommend the search engine on The only thing that you need to enter is your address.


What kind of batteries do we sort?

All kinds of common batteries used in households can be collected and placed for recycling (i.e., button cells, AAA and AA batteries, small and large primary cells, lantern batteries, 9V batteries and accumulators under 1kg). Batteries for notebooks, cameras and other electrical appliances must also be sorted.

Special portable batteries and small lead accumulators will also be accepted in collection yards for free. When a battery is part of an electrical appliance, you can either take it out and throw it in a collection box for used batteries, or you can leave it in the appliance and throw it in a special container for electrical appliances. It is then up to the processor to extract batteries from the electrical appliances. And then they are handed over to ECOBAT.


ECOCHEESE box for household storage of batteries

Those who do not like to go to the collection point with each used battery can easily use ECOCHEESE for household storage of batteries. You can choose from four colours in an attractive design. You can order it for free on And when your ECOCHEESE is full or at least partially full, you can simply empty it at any of our thousands collection points.

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