Businesses and battery collection

Most companies use various types of batteries, both in production and operational activities and in offices. Used batteries should never be thrown to mixed municipal waste; instead, they should be returned to the take-back scheme. ECOBAT guarantees that the used batteries you return will be recycled to the maximum possible extent and that you will pay nothing for their processing.

Sorting waste, including batteries, is part of social and environmental responsibility of businesses. We will provide free-of-charge collection containers where you can store batteries from your company, but you can also support environmentally-friendly behaviour of your employees who can use the containers to return used batteries from their households.


Companies cooperating with us

Collection of batteries at the workplace is pursued by small, medium-sized and large companies all over the Czech Republic. These are, among others, the Dukovany Nuclear Power Station, Veolia, Barum Continental Otrokovice, Czech Radio, the Prague Public Transport Company, Škoda Plzeň, the Prague Airport, the Na Homolce Hospital or the Barrandov TV Studio.


We can provide comprehensive services to you

Cooperating with ECOBAT is the easiest way for your company to become involved in sorting used batteries.

  • Upon signing of a contract or registration, you will receive the Involvement Certificate.
  • We will provide free-of-charge collection containers for used batteries based on your needs, for example to offices, shop floors or receptions.
  • We will take care of free-of-charge transportation of collected batteries for recycling. 
  • If you want to make your efforts visible, we can issue an environmental contribution certificate upon your request.
  • We can offer bargain prices for your re-sale of some types of rechargeable batteries.


Support battery collection

To support battery collection among employees in your company, you can use:

Articles about waste sorting;

Posters and infographics

Upon request, we can provide your employees with the ECOCHEESE boxes for household storage of batteries.


Contact us

Simply contact us by phone or in writing and we will gladly reply. We will provide all the necessary information on sorting, collecting, storing, transporting and recycling of batteries based on your individual needs. Ms. Michaela Helclová is available to you every business day from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Collection Network Quality Manager
Ing. Michaela Helclová
Tel.: +420 734 567 987


Please have your information at hand

For an easy communication about your queries and needs, we recommend that you have the following information at hand:

  • Identification data of your company;
  • Number of employees and character of the production activity;
  • Current amount and types of returned batteries;
  • Contact data.